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Yeah, and how many folks have records of costs of old stuff they have had for years and are selling at garage sale prices bringing even less than they are marked as the day(s) of the sale winds down? I have that problem with MANY books I could sell. I bought a few at full

retail, some at discount retail, some at Goodwill or thrift stores, some were gifts, etc. over many years. Selling them would almost certainly bring less than I paid for nearly all of them, thus no profit or "income" but I have no proof of that. Dang. Limiting my options to a garage sale where I would have to require cash (or maybe personal checks?) would limit customers to just a day or two of relatively few locals that would show up at all and even fewer buyers if I were not accepting credit cards. If I donated them to Goodwill or some charity I wonder what kind of tax credit there might be? That is assuming they would take them at all.

I also have multiple copies of some kits I could sell, but although their prices could in some cases be about the same or in others maybe more than I paid, garage sale prices would probably have to be at a loss assuming any kit buyers showed up at all at a garage sale.

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