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Those old Revell 57 Chevies hold a warm place in my heart. I don't know how many of those tri-fives I "tried" to build as a kid and just couldn't get the doors to hang right, or the trunk to work. Yours looks really good. Except for the front fenders those 57s look pretty

good and has a very accurate looking small block. IIRC the 57 had the six-duce intake while the 56 had a sweet 3x2. The 55 had a not too well done 349/409. I still think those kits had the best small block 265/283 stock valve covers made, even the ones in the new version of the 57s don't compare as well.

Someday I may get another of those 57s and swap out the front clip for a different one. The old brittle plastic the old ones were made from broke too easily to do any cutting on.

As an aside, the original 57 Nomad by Revell had the correct rear bumper for a wagon. The Monogram 57 Nomad does not. That is why I never really liked the Monogram version.

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