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1957 Chevrolet Nomad . . . *PIC*

I own a 1:1 tri-five Chevy, so I enjoy making tri-five models. In my opinion, the old Revell 57 Nomad does not go together well and the Monogram one is just awful. I found this resin 57 Nomad from a well known resin caster a couple of years ago and built it last year. It is based on Revell's 57 Bel Air two door sedan. The body is spot on, but the interior is wrong if you want to build a stock Nomad. In 57, Nomads and Bel Air hardtops had one interior, the convertible another and Bel Air sedans a third. So this one comes with a two door sedan interior, (because it is based on the Bel Air two door sedan kit) which is incorrect if you are building replica stock. I told the resin caster, but I am not sure what he did about it. I adapted the Revell Nomad (opening doors etc,) interior along with an AMT hardtop front seat as the Revell seat had seat belts molded in to create a correct stock interior. It's painted Dusk Pearl, which is a factory colour. The engine is the 245/270 version (2X4s) and is wired. The finishing touch is a Nova Scotia 1957 license plate.

Don't get me wrong, this is a great resin kit, but requires more work if you are building replica stock.

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