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R/T, as far as the models shown on this here board, as I've said more than 2 or 3 times I have not, and will not comment, good, bad or ugly, on ANY model posted. I was "removed" halfway through an IPMS show,(years ago) for NOT being strict enough. To me, it took all the FUN

out of model building, PERIOD! Have you noticed lately? The "mood" of this message board has changed(to me). Example? "Contests" between Frankay and Martay, a little "denim" now and then, the Hooter girls,GONE!! My opinion: This pandemic, has gotten a LOT of people miscombobulated!!! Well,my opinion again: This pandemic ain't goin' anywhere for a year or two, so y'all might as well, sit back, relax, glue plastic, and STAY SAFE!! Lecture over.

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