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A manual drafting tool you might use for a guide is a drafting erasure shield. It is a thin flexible metal "shield" with various openings used to lay over drawings to help make erasures of lines, shapes, and text while limiting erasure of adjacent elements. *PICS*

Do a Google image search for drafting erasure shield to see many of them and examples of how they are used. Although used on flat drawings, they have to be thin to avoid destroying the eraser itself when used so as a result they have some flexibility. You can use the openings or the edges for help scribing lines in some cases depending on the surface you are working on. It will not always be useful but will help in some situations.

They are fairly standardized, but get one with the narrowest long opening like the first one below. You can use that to help limit slip scratches. Start with very light strokes along the edge of the shield or an opening and take your time.

You can get them at Hobby Lobby's art / drafting section or online. See both pics, below.

Here is a slightly different layout shield showing that they are flexible to some degree. They all are just a couple of bucks, give or take.

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