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I like the black one because it looks so much like the AMT kit that I was so crazy about in 1960. BUT...

...this one really needs to lose the red grille. It desperately needs a few inches chopped out of the top, too, although then it wouldn't look like the AMT kit anymore. I would have prefered the looks of a channeled car when I bought mine, but they're really hard to drive. There's virtually no foot room in an unchanneled one, so I can't imagine where you'd put your feet in a channeled car. The brake pedal in mine is on the left side of the steering column (being a drag racer I'm used to braking with the left foot) but there is no place to rest your foot, you have to just slant it to the side. And I'm not that big, so it's gotta be a trick to get comfortable in a channeled car. Oh, and I can tell you why most hot rods are automatics these days. There's no place to put the clutch pedal!

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