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I'm in the middle of building an AMT '77 Ford Econoline van. I'm building it as a DRAG VAN. I'm having a hard time deciding whether to mount the engine (that's too be decided on, too)...

Whether to mount the engine in the stock location or midship.

I've been hoping for Round2 to reissue their Chevy van with the drag option as the '72 release had the option to mount the motor midship. Since that isn't happening, I'm trying my hand at doing one myself. Just with a Ford instead. Wishing I had snagged the pics of the instructions for the AMT '72 Chevy drag van when I first saw them. They're no longer on the Drastic Plastic instruction site.

For now, I've grabbed an AMT Falcon AWB for the motor and transmission. So far, I've cut the rear wheel wells out to accommodate large Good Year slicks. I'm looking for suitable ladder bars to work with the leaf spring suspension. I'm not sure I want to use the straight axle from the Falcon. I'm thinking it might be a tad too narrow. Since this is a zany drag van, I'm thinking zoomies reaching the side of the body. Might have to fabricate those.

The whole mounting the motor midship sounds cool and all, but with the Ford Econoline being a panel van, I'm thinking it'll be wasted time. Nobody will see it there, and I'm not even thinking of opening the side doors just to see the motor.

I hope you'll play along. What motor/transmission combo would you consider for this drag van? Mount it in the stock position or go nuts trying to figure how to mount it midship?

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