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I recently pulled this diecast Peugeot out of a box and gave it some TLC.

I got this 1/18th scale diecast Peugeot 406 Coupe by Gate probably more than 20 years ago and at some point one of the rear wheels broke off so I put it in a box along with several other stalled diecast projects. Well, a couple of weeks ago I checked to see what was in this box and saw the poor Poogy sitting in there and decided to fix it and maybe try to sell it. This "fix" turned out to be more like a restoration! I tore the whole thing apart, painted the door jambs, hood and trunk areas, masked and painted the interior, adding some nice light sand to the all black interior. I also sanded the tire treads and added a little extra paint to the wheels and suspension parts. The paint is still the factory finish, just waxed a bit. It's a shame these cars never sold here in the US as they're very attractive cool cars. I also have a silver one with a black interior that also has different wheels that I think I might disassemble and paint the interior red. Thanks for looking and all comments are welcome as always. Happy Thanksgiving!

Bob Kremer

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