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I do my own graphics and print decals

The graphics program is called Micrographics and it has been around a long time. It is similar to AutoCAD and the line work is vector based, meaning there is no pixelization of images similar to what you get with Microsoft Paint. All line work when printed, including curves, is smooth. There are newer versions of Micrographics out there but this has worked for me for many years. As they say, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!".

Printing is done on an ALPS MD 1300 and it will do metallics including gold and silver. Makes it perfect for gold leaf lettering like on fire apparatus models that I sometimes do. The silver is not bad either and it can be used to do script images and other small "chrome" decals. Not so good on large stuff as it does not have a real chrome shine like Alclad or Molotow. Another great feature is that it will print white. The white can either stand alone or be an undercoat for colors. Colors other than the gold, silver, white and black are small "X"s and they are mixed using the magenta, yellow and cyan cartridges. They need a white backing to keep the color of the image. But the white is great for lettering, military decals, etc.

The only problem that will eventually result in no more printing on the ALPS is the availability of the cartridges. So far I have been able to get them. But the printer itself is no longer in production.

Expanding to a laser printer would be great if it would do the metallic colors and the white but alas it is not so.

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