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Thanks for the kind words, Terry. We have a good number of industry insiders who share back stories, illustrations and box art models there, including...

Terry Jessee, Dean Milano, Jairus Watson, Brad Liesure, Robert Woolley (Model Car Journal), and more, plus a whole host of current and former box art model builders. If you wonder who did your favorite box art, this is the place to look.

This is one of three groups I run on Facebook, including Scale Survivors, and Box Art Replicas (which also allows replicas of cars that are significant to you and/or others, such as your first car, or a magazine car, or a famous build.)

Whatever your feelings are about Facebook (yes, I agree parts of it can be bad and very biased at times, but you can always block things you don't like from your notification feed) the many groups there are a great source of inspiration and history.

Anyway, I hope those of you who do have Facebook will come check out these groups. And I want also to recommend Terry Jessee's Resin Car Kits & Parts Review, along with Jim Wilfong's AMT and MPC Models Only.

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