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Another found photo....... *PIC*

While moving stuff and tossing some....I found a box of printed photos....remember them. I posted the 3 car photo recently and here is a photo of a unusual car for me.
I brand new 1982 Camaro Z28!!! Ever figure this Mustang and AMC guy bought a Camaro???
I wanted a new car back 1982. Mustang in 82 was kinda old looking and was costing more than a Z28. I loved the T tops and the car did handle very well for '82. I liked the car....and for the year and a half we owned it, it was perfect. And when kid #2 came along I sold it for not much less than I paid....these things were hot! Even though a GM product if I could have her back as pictured....I take her back!
PS the truck in my drive was my brother in law race car tow rig!!! We were low buck!!!

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