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Marty, I'm responding to your comment and also answering and explaining a few things. Actually, the car is suspended on a wire rod cut from a coat hanger. You can see it in the photo on a ............. (watch the linked vid to the end to see the slow motion.).

steep angle behind the car. When the diorama is done, the rod will be shortened to go straight up and down and painted black. The position of the car will help hide the rod. The white rod was referring to being used to hold up an arch of smoke going from the car to the race track. I chose white because the smoke is white.

BUT, after watching a lot of stock car flips on Youtube, I know how to make the smoke now. I don't have to worry about making the arch.

The pics that I posted are a very, very rough, rough idea that is very, very simple in thought and design. A lot of things are going to be added and I'm already going to make changes from were the picture is. I've already decided to reposition both cars.

There is only so much damage that I can do that's realistic. Such as I can't dent and wrinkle the whole side of one side of a car. I still need a lot of body plastic for support and mounting points, especially for the aluminum foil panels that I will attach.

The 1971 Daytona 500 Maynard Troyer flip was the best representation that I found. When you watch the video though, remember that my car is only maybe in between the first and second somewhere at the beginning of the roll (for now. maybe that'll change too.). You'll also notice that a car can sometimes go into a roll without contacting another car. Like I said before, this is just one part of a 5 - 6 car crash. Maybe the flipping car did come into contact with the orange car or maybe a totally different unseen car because the diorama isn't large enough to contain everything that is happening in the entire scenario.

This is going to be very difficult for me to do, I'm going to build to the best of my ability. Who knows, I may have to scrap the whole idea if I find out that it's too far out of my abilities or I might go in a completely other direction that is far different than this. I'm now thinking of just making the one flipping car by itself on a smaller piece of track. I'm afraid that the 2 car scenario is going to be too confusing to people.

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