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I don't do my own design decals but AFAIK inkjet is water soluble, whereas laser printers are colour fast,ie,non water soluble & any local print shop that can do a pic on a coffee cup uses decal paper & thats where I used to get any extras I wanted done, but its a few yrs

since I did this.....when I had my shop I used to sell white decal paper for guys to take to the local print shop as they only used clear paper for their coffee cup business................when I wanted decals myself I used to get the print shop to run a normal photocopy thru the printer to work out the correct sizing of any decal i wanted then and only then once that was known I'd get the white paper loaded into the laser printer and away we'd go.........being a laser printer the colours were fine in water and didn't need a misted coat of clear to seal them as inkjet stuff I was no expert in decals and I can't remember the brand of white decal paper, tho' it may have been from the Bare Metal Co.........but maybe not......its been at least 6-7 yrs since I did

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