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If you want to get fancy and center the pics in the post you can add these to the code formulas.

(I will use L for Left Arrow (the "less than" symbol) and R for the Right Arrow (the "greater than" symbol) instead of turning this page into a pic that so that the computer would not recognize those as function keys.)

For one pic in the TEXT box, use these at the front and end of that pic's formula.

For multiple pics in the TEXT box:

To center the pic, to initiate the centering function in front of the first pic's formula add:
Then the beginning of the formula is
LcenterRLimg src=url

If you have more than two pics, the ones between the first and last do not require these additions.

and to close the centering function, at the end of the last pic's formula add:
Then the end of the last pic's formula is

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