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I'd go to Indy.

Not to slam the guys in Elida because they put on a pretty decent, but small show. 10-12 vendor tables is usually the norm. Good contest - don't let them military, spacecraft categories scare you away.

Portland this past week had many of those same categories and Circle City will have some too (although not as many as Portland). Elida and Portland are both a little like IPMS shows with the wide variety of categories. CIrcle City has no more than six military/aircraft categories.

I live about 45 minutes form the Elida show and 2 hours from the Indy one. I'm going to Indy because they have a much larger number of vendors and also a really good contest. But if they weren't on the same weekend I'd have no qualms about going to both.

BTW - congrats on the award for your wrecked Charger diorama at Portland!

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