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I agree that turning these back to the original version would be wonderful, but feel the clock may have run out.

I'm not a doom and gloom guy. But I feel if we were gong to see the retro treatment on all of these it would have happened already. Not to say that it can't still happen, but here's my feeling why it would have already

What they did with the Blue Beetle (Bandito) was great. If they were going to give the same treatment to the Little t they would have done it already because they re-released the kit based on that tooling AFTER they gave the retro treatment to the Blue Bandito.

The Blue bandito appears to have sold really well. So there is definite demand for these. But I just have a sinking feeling that the German ownership of Revell will see fewer hot rod and /or retro/nostalgia type releases for the North American market. The recently announced slate of North American focused releases does give me some hope, but not a ton since the only hot rod kit is the long coming 30 Coupe.

I want to be proven wrong, and hopefully the people at Revell USA (or whatever it is called now) will push for stuff like this. Fingers crossed.

And thank goodness for Atlantis.

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