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I've been thinking about the "new" compact cars of 1961 from GM lately. AMT did 2 Buick special wagons, but no 2 door. Corvairs were done from 1960 until 1969. The Pontiac Tempest was done in scale up to 1965 when they switched the kit to a GTO. Johan got the nod for the

Oldsmobile and did the 61 wagon, 62 2 door, and convertible kits.

I've often thought it would be nice to have modern tooling of those first compact cars, with separate suspensions and such. They were really quite innovative back then.

Like for instance, the Corvair. Rear engined flat six air cooled.

Pontiac Temptest, 50/50 weight distribution with the engine in front and a (flipped over) Corvair transaxle in the rear. 4 wheel independent suspension.

Buick Special with the aluminum 215 engine.

Oldsmobile F-85 that used the same engine but stuck a turbo-charger on it in create the Jetfire.

Of course we know from history that the compacts of 61 and 62 "grew up," lost most of their unique engineering (except for the Corvair), and soon became just like all the other cars from GM.

A photo gallery of the forgotten compacts from the early 60s.

Thanks for looking, any and all comments are welcomed.

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