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Re: BMF issues..... I'm not crazy (WELL) I was so fed up with the sheet I was using I said HECK WITH THIS and started to rip it in half. Funny thing happen when I did that, the paper started to tear but the BMF pulled away from the paper so I took the BMF in both hands *INSI

Frank, I had the same problems with several sheets of Chrome BMF recently purchased. Emailed BMF company three times with a detailed explanation and pictures. BMF never replied.
I did get a refund thru my credit card company.

Never again to use BMF.
Shame that they have no customer service and do not care about customers.

I have started using cheap thin kitchen foil with Microscale micro metal foil adhesive. cut the strips of foil, apply the glue, allow the glue to cure to clear, and apply to the model. Same process as with BMF.................
Wait a couple minutes for the glued foil to stick/dry.
Then trim the excess. Use a new no. 11 blade. Work slowly.
I did place a piece of tamiya tape on the body along the trim first to protect the non-foiled areas and keep the glue off the paint.
Clean-up with water and a soft cloth.

Next test will be with Elmers clear glue.

There are many videos on Youtube .

Hope this helps with your projects.

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