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My weekend......model and non model stuff.... *PIC*

We had to travel to Charlotte this weekend. Our family had a number of members pass in the last 6 months and we held one service for them. (none COVID FYI) Charlotte continues to grow and change drastically since we moved from there in 2002. (not for the good IMHO but maybe the assault by a homeless man did not help my opinion) It was good to see family no matter the reason....many it had been 6-7 years.

After the service my middle brother in law, how is in charge of his brothers estate, invited me over to go through a garage and see if there was anything I wanted. (the estate JUST cleared probate) I had two brother in laws that worked for Accurate Miniatures model company. Both have now passed. In the garage was big boxes of stuff that was left in the AM warehouse when it closed business. Complete kits had been sold to settle the estate....but there was tons of other stuff.
Bagged trees from kits, lots of air planes which I did not pick up any....but there were some Vette and some McLaren parts trees. I got a few of them, not much you can do with McLaren body panels!

One thing there was lots of and I did grab a few was XS Tuning wheels and tire sets. XS was related to AM......The owner of XS was also a partner in AM. Many sets had been sold off...but still a lot left.

On the way home we went by the Woods Bros shop in Stuart VA. A great visit and we even saw Lenard Wood and talked briefly. If you are ever near Stuart stop by. They have photos of so much history from NASCAR and INDY which we forget at times.

PIF: I have two sets of XS wheels I'll send to anyone in the USA that may like a set. These are 17" white wheels with tires and brakes. You know the drill. One each. Sorry for the poor scan.

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