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Patto's Place has some decals for the #76 Spirt of LeMans and also the Spirt of Sebring cars. They are designed for slot car bodies, but can be used on a model. *LINK*

The link takes you to a picture of the decals, to find them on the website, from the main page click on the "C" under the "Decal" section along the left side, and it is about 2/3 of the way down the page. It is listed as "Crvette - Spirit Of Le Mans 76 - Greenwood Supercorvette", and the Sebring decals are right above the LeMans ones.

There is someone on eBay selling the decals also, but I would choose the Patto's decals first before the ones on eBay. If you send me an email I can explain in more detail.

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