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Just finished - Lindberg F-150 4x4 (Pics)

The supposedly unbuildable Lindberg 150 is finished at last.

The BIG problem with this kit is getting the body and bed (which clip together) to fit down over the chassis and sit level.

After having it sitting at the back of my bench and accusing me for several months, I located the problem. In their quest for realism (which is great), Lindberg moulded the ribbing on the top of the transfer case and gearbox, but made it overscale. A few minutes work with a fairly rough file removed about 3mm (just in case) and enabled it to sit right. More or less.

Paint is Tamiya Metallic Red over silver. Interior is various Humbrol red enamels.
Unfortunately the decals were toast, so I couldn't use all those neat underhood markings. I made up for that by some creative use of metallics; and various gloss levels of black and dark grey.
That also explains the absence of Ford or F150 logos anywhere. Either that or Bruce didn't put them back after a respray. :)

Oops, missed a bit of blue plastic there!

Oh, the '68 Charger in the background? So nearly there, just needs the last few decals.

Thanks for looking,

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