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Picked up an unbuilt Scale Dreams resin 75 Greenwood Corvette 'Spirit of '76' LeMans racer kit for $25 this weekend. Had to also get an Arii '78 Corvette for another $5.

Vendor had it at the IPMS FOrt Worth show in Arlington. Out of cash then, but he knew I was going to attend the joint MCMA/ IPMS NCT meeting on Sunday, so he brought it there, and I had more cash.
Len Woodruff warned me ahead of time that some of the decals in Scale Dreams kits don't last that long. so that might be problematic when I get around to building it (lots of good references out there--the original Road & Track track/road test with a stock '76 'vette, and Vintage Motorsports did a feature a few years ago, for starters).
The Arii kit...not sure what to do with that. DOesn't appear to be as 'nice' as the Monogram kit.

On the other side, I did find a buyer for the unbuilt Fujimi Porsche slantnose 911 kit in my collection. He was out of money, so I'll get $25 from him at the next MCMA meeting.

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