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Under rated for years - they were cheaper than a Corvette in the 80s

Gave thought to chasing one in the day, but, you needed to be on a first-name basis with a really good tech to keep it running.

I've always liked the single headlight 2-seat coupes, always looked very sophisticated.

And to the original point of the thread, one of the big swaps out at the old Packard Proving Grounds (when that was still a big deal, maybe '85-6?) had a Ferrari roadster on a trailer (didn't take a pic, dangit!) with an SBC swap, looked like a mess, half-disassembled, sheets of filler flaking off, etc. It was a mid-late '50s open car (not a Cali) always wondered what happened to it. I think the ask was $7,000 and included the trailer.

I did, however, have the presence of mind to take a shot of the genuine Fisher steel shell bucket seats in a '60 Bonneville Coupe.

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