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BMF issues..... I'm not crazy (WELL) I was so fed up with the sheet I was using I said HECK WITH THIS and started to rip it in half. Funny thing happen when I did that, the paper started to tear but the BMF pulled away from the paper so I took the BMF in both hands *INSIDE*

and pulled in opposite directions and all it did was stretch as you can see. Gave is a few more tugs and it never did tear. I know you can't feel it but it felt like one of those window stickers for 1:1 cars.
Look at the pictures close you can tell it stretched now when is the last time you stretched BMF... It doesn't stick if it does it's hit and miss, when you pie cut on curves you can see the cut pretty clear. Now because I do a lot of BMF'g (I do it for a couple of friends of mine that the fingers and eyes don't work so well anymore) and I use to really enjoy it. Now because I find it a battle I have been back up with 12 of my friends cars not including the several I have.
Last time I bought I bought 4 sleeves to sustain me thru the winter. Now I haven't tried any of the other sheets and if things are different I surely will let you know. To me about the only thing this is good for is to use for wrinkled up fenders and body parts for a diorama.
SORRY DIDN'T MEAN TO RANT ON THIS BUT MODELERS NEED TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON..... I've contacted BMF a few times and I get no response.
Is their another source for this type of product that not so heavy handed?

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