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Appreciate the responses...(more inside)

The twist is maybe 1/16th - 1/8th inch end to end.

I considered using the chassis as tooling while clearing to take the twist out. Of course, once whatever tooling is removed the twist would reappear until the chassis is installed at final assembly. I guess another option is to finish all the subassemblies and do final assembly, then mask off for the clear coat.

I really miss the Testors Auto lacquer line even though at times using the product provides "challenges." My stock is dwindling, especially when many have outgassed as I described in my initial post. I recently used Tamiya primer, base color, and their clear on a '63 Nova wagon. They went on nice enough that I don't think I'll even polish, as my memory of cars from the sixties is that they didn't come from the showroom with the gloss and depth we often provide on our models!

Thanks for you responses and insight,


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