Spotlight Hobbies

Nothing big... it was a while ago but you could probably see them again at the 9/26 "Indian Summer" show at Sellers BPG

'09 was a long time ago, but it was fun to see the GTOs all 99-point all in one place, and to get to shoot the breeze a little with the owners, and with Don.

Funny thing: That now-closed Coney is at the Woodward Avenue end of our street; our home is on the opposite a few miles t' other way! While the owners went to great pains to claim they "weren't changing anything," they changed everything and the few times that I ate there after it was taken over by a new owner... it was very different. Wont burn the bandwidth, but it was just another 'diner' afterward, the flavor was gone.

As noted in the headline of this response, one the the larger midwestern shows is in two weeks, and I highly encourage anyone thinking about coming into town to check it out. There is always a great turnout. I may even get out the simoniz and get the Blackbird ready.

Hope all the Ponti-yakkers get there!

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