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Question for Tim Boyd and any other builders of the '64 Cutlass convertible.

Tim, I addressed this especially to you since I've seen your build on your Fotki site and elsewhere, but others are welcome to chime in as well.

Probably due to the fact that this is a convertible kit, there is a noticeable twist in the body (at least in my kit). I've primed with Testors white lacquer primer, and base coated with Testors auto lacquer Artesian Turquoise. I would normally use the Gloss clear coat made for the auto lacquer, but my remaining cans are probably worthless now since they've outgassed at the bottom can seam. I will probably use the "normal" Testors Gloss Coat lacquer or the gloss from their Extreme lacquer line. (As an aside, is this clear truly clear, or does it have a pearl or something similar in it?)

My question is, if I clear the body in the "twisted" condition, am I going to end up with the clear cracking once the body's mounted on the chassis and "straightened" by being held in place by the chassis screws?

Appreciate any comments or insight...


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