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Something similar happened to me back in the '60s on a summer job. I was working for a concrete and dirt work guy driving a load of 10' steel channel curb forms on an old flat bed Ford up to Lubbock, Texas. They were stacked the width of the flat bed 5' high with ends

at the back of the cab with a couple of straps from one side of the flat bed to the other. As I was coming into the outskirts of town with a deep V ditch along the right side of the road the right front wheel came off. It rocketed down into the ditch, back up the other side, went airborne, and cleared the fence of a large auto salvage yard while I went into the ditch.

Fortunately, the V shape of the ditch enabled me to keep relatively level while finally coming to a stop. If I had hit anything solid those forms would have come right through the back of the cab. I walked down the yard fence 200' or so to the yard shop building and told the guys my wheel was in their yard. They did not believe me until one of them walked out and saw the truck in the ditch without a right front wheel.

We did find the wheel and after calling my boss to get approval the guys replaced the broken off lug studs and the wheel. The load stack had shifted about 15 degrees to the right from the flat bed at the back but I was able to put a steel bar, one of the staking pins for the forms, in the tail ends of the channels and gradually slam the stack back to vertical and then drive to the job site. My boss apologized and said he meant to check the lugs were tight that morning but just did not get around to it before I left. ;^)

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