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So I've been working on my new project......

If you remember it's this

I'm pretty impressed with this kit and how it's laid out. I don't know if it's just this manufacturer or if most of the military model kit makers do this but I like it!! First, they number the trees (OK they are lettered not numbered) A, B, C etc. Then the parts are numbered but they all start with #1 in the upper left hand corner. Then #2 is next to that, then #3 and so on. Parts call outs on the instructions are, for instance, B-14. Find the B tree and find the #14part between #13 and #15. It's very organized and makes life a lot easier. Are you hearing this Revell, Round 2, Moebius and all? I think it would make building cars even more fun! Enjoy your holiday weekend!!

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