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Yep, I know thats the issue but is there any sure fire way to stop it happening........I'd be more than happy to have plastic tyres that I had to paint so long as they wouldn't ruin other, you'd think that the kit companies would change the tyre formula

as this issue has been well documented for at least the past 30 years or more, surely kit companies must be aware of this...........I have an Airfix version of the MPC 1932 Chrysler Imperial Phaeton from 1977........, yeh, I had it 43 years.......the past 25yrs its sat in its box, 3/4 built but left to fester as the tyres started to react with the rims and whitewalls........when I saw the reissued Gangbusters version of the 1932 Imperial Roadster I bought it from a local store and realising that the wheels, tyres etc were the same as that in the 1977 kit I contacted Round 2 and asked if they would supply the inner/outer rims, tyres, whitewalls and lost hubcaps..........I was quite upfront, I told them what I wanted the parts for and was prepared to pay for them as well as the postage to Australia........they were good to deal with and the parts arrived within 3 weeks so I do appreciate what they have done, its just that I don't want the syphletic reaction to occur again........if possible............Andy Douglas

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