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Hey guys, here is my latest completion that was started last year sometime ago.

Some of you might recall the '66 Mustang convertible I built last year for my cousin's wife as a replica of her car. This was the model I started with but I ran into some snags and ended up setting it aside and starting over with the Revell '64 convertible. Well, I finally got around to finishing this one up anyway and making it similar but just different enough to have it's own identity. I kept the Pony interior basically in ivory but decided to paint the dash, steering column and scratchbuilt visors in turquoise. I made a couple of small changes to the seats and added flocked carpeting and chrome paint for the trim and handles. Not real well done but good enough for my shelf. I was very fortunate to receive an out of production resin boot by Missing Link from Mike from Canada - sorry Mike, I don't recall your last name but I finally used it! It's good to get the car done and into the display case. Onto the next project, which I'll share a bit later, possibly this week if I get far enough on it. Here are some pictures of the completed car. I decided to skip adding any mirrors and save them for another project. I did add photoetched emblems as I had removed them all when I initally started the other project. They are glued on with clear Tamiya acrylic. Thanks for looking and all comments are welcome. Have a good week!

Bob Kremer

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