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Many moons ago at Palmdale LA County Raceway there was a big bracket race, lots of 10& 9 second street cars, after umpteen rounds it came down to a 68 Hemi v a 79 Volarie stone stock wagon. *PIC*

raced by a high school kid, his first ever race. It was his Mom' car! He ran torrid 18 second ET's but left first round after round, blowing off high horsepower race cars.
As I said, it came down to him vs a 68 Dodge charger hemi, he cut the light a little too close and fouled! If not for that he would have won the race.
The beauty of bracket / handicap racing!
In the 60's at Woodburn I saw many a car foul because they were freaked out by Larry Eyerly's VW, a solid 12 second car,. They just couldn't catch him!
Photo by me and my trusty Instamatic!

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