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Wrecked Plymouth Stock Car update. Things that I've improved AND, I need your alls help please concerning painting a driver figure. ...................

First of all, thank you for posting suggestions on the board here of things that I could do to improve my diorama. Also, some of you emailed me directly with suggestions too.

To start off, the first thing that I had to do was detach the body from the chassis without damaging the extremely fragile aluminum foil front end. If I couldn't do that, I may not have made any improvements. I was successful in getting the body off and I was able to raise the rollcage so that it's tucked up closer to the roof. (This whole build was tough for me because I used one of those old, early 1970's MPC Stock car chassis, rollcage, undercarriage etc. which was not that great in the first place and was not designed for this body.)

For the body, I flowed black panel line accent into the door and trunk gaps. I also added more to the grill area, but that is not working well. It's made of aluminum foil and all of its areas are smooth transitions.

I just bought a driver figure off of ebay which brings me to the last thing that I did and it's how it sits for now, I just decided to remove the top loop of the roll cage to drop a driver figure into the seat. Yeah, I'll probably end up taking the whole roll cage out to get the driver in there.

NOW, Here's where I need your help.

I've never detail painted a figure before. I want to use flat paints. I've seen soooo many figures that have semi glossy/shiny skin, clothes and hair. To me, that just doesn't look right.

SO, I need suggestions on which brands of paint to buy/use and what type of paint to use (I don't know the differenced between paint types.....enamel, lacquer, acrylic, oil base, water base etc.)

Thanks everyone !!!

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