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Salvinos seems more like a model club than a business, what with their builders club, exclusive offers and the Saturday morning chats. I think the first couple of kits they produced missed the mark in the Cutlass and the MC, but the Chargers seem to be nice.

They have potential and I think those kits will sell well given the limited exposures those cars get on a national level. (Madhouse Excluded) I think the Next Gen, Gen 6, Gen 7 whatever they are, will do OK, but not on the level of the Monogram kits of the 80s, but then what will. $40 dollar price tags on kits will prevent that. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience with customer service. I agree, you shouldn't have to pay for defective parts, but NO ONE cares about Customer Service any more, the only exception seems to be this site's Host!

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