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You might have to go to an engineering supplies store or site for those. Or google for a "craft compass cutter" for some with blades, not the rotary disks, for cutting plastic. Be sure it will cut as small an arc as you need. See the link for an example of one on *LINK*

Amazon. I do not have one, but it looks as if it might be serviceable. I like that it includes 6 blades and has a disk for the center point so you do not have to make a pin hole if you want the disk you are cutting out. There are, of course, others. Some have dimensions on their bar. Prices vary but if you have Amazon Prime for free shipping the cost is pretty low, especially with extra blades included. Note that it is a small one. Click the thumb pic to see the expanded view of the back of the blister pack for its details. See the link and if anyone here gets one please post an evaluation.

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