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The Flip Out is a spin off from the 1967 "Ohio George" Montgomery Malco Gasser kit...

There has been a couple of reissues of this kit, one unmodified called Mustang Gasser in 1974ish with a different decal sheet, the tool was modified to do the Flip Out 1978, the Orange Pro Street Mustang 1984, the Blue AMT/ERTL Pro Street version 2003,
The front was changed from the original together with wheels and tires in the later versions and for some reason someone decided to do a 1966 front on a 1967 body wich is kind of weird,
2014 Round 2 did a modified reissue and did a new more correct front, the original wheels and a new decal sheet was back in the kit and it's back to the Malco Gasser again.
MPC used the same chassis, engine and wheels from the Malco Gasser together with a clear 1969 Mustang body to do the later "Ohio George" Mr Gasket Gasser in 1969.

I built the Flip Out back in 1978-79 and thought it was a neat kit, I painted mine black tho'.

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