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Got this email from Atlantis just now re: the discussions on this board! *PIC*

Here it is! Quoted exactly. pic part of email They WOULD like to hear from you!

" Please pass along this photo and links about the Midget and Dragster to the group. This is not PC1 (Midget Racer) which was the first all plastic kit. We have that tooling as well.

This is what we are working on. We have to make a new clear windscreen for the Midget. We also found some tires that are going to work well with the kit. The old slot tire mold is long gone. New artwork and decals for both kits.

1/24 Dragster PC172 molded in 1 color no chrome all parts in plastic

1/24 Hot shot PC178 Molded in silver and chrome with clear windshield rubber tires. The photo I sent is from the test shot."

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