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WIP - 1969 Camaro Pace Car (2 PIX)

While waiting to redo the decals for the GeeTO and start the clearcoat on the WRC Escort, I got back to doing some details on the 69 Pace Car.

I added the Smog (AIR system) and power steering pumps to the engine. Revell only provides the alternator, and a 396 CI 375 HP engine would have required these as well. Since solid lifter engines such as this 396 and Z/28 couldn't have air conditioning, I didn't add any. Still crafting the plumbing for the AIR. That orange wire you see in the photo eventually will be the dipstick.

On the dashboard, Revell did provide air vents for the defroster or the radio speaker. Since this is a convertible and will be displayed with open top, it was kind of glaring. I had some PE for speaker grilles that I selected one to use. I also used two defroster vents from the MCG 53-55 Corvette PE set as well. They're slightly more curved than the real ones, but given the black of the dask, will not be that noticeable.

I also started detailing the center console. The interior level in this car should have wood grain on the dash and console. Revell, again, did not provide. I used the MCG PE set console plate and then used some old Microscale wood decals to get the effect. The same decal will be used on the dash face.

Thanks for looking.

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