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As noted before - China is a netherworld, or at least it was when Trumpeter was doing their kits

China needs to keep people busy. Friends of ours worked there at very high levels in the '05-10 time frame... lets just say the government really does run EVERYTHIBNG.

They must deliver enough growth to keep the people moving in to the big cities from the hinterlands, or face revolution. (Bubbling closer to the surface than one might imagine.)

Sooo... the give old Wally at People's Glorifying Toy Factory #238 the tapes from the US to, ah, translate to their system.

As a prominent insider has related a few times - they could not be nicer or more accommodating in general. However, there is a profound language barrier when the time comes to making parts align to print; our car 'vocabluary' is lost. And there is a strict limit to how much change in tooling the Chinese will accept, or trips to China for hand waving, sketching etc that a designer will get. Ultimately, the finessing of the prototype once common in the toolmaker's realm is rather like trying to explain the meaning of 'stuff happens' -

Which is exactly the miss between the print and the finished product. Moby is doing better than others, it would seem. Some new kits like the '64 Olds and the Nova stawag show promise.

Guess we will see what happens next - Moby seems to be doing quite a good job so far, and I salute them for working so hard at it.

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