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3D printing will be the savior of this hobby with future generations. It’s second nature to young folks to design on the computer and will get their interest!

Prior to the pandemic we were sitting at the bar at our favorite pub.. think “Cheers” where everyone talks and knows each other. One of the young guys.. modern guy with odd hair and full sleeves heard me tell the bar tender that my show was coming up. He asked what kind of show, so I explained model cars and NNL East. He whipped out his phone and showed me amazing work he had designed and printed.. sci fi and fantasy as well as a couple of pieces with cherubs and ancient themes that would fit in the Sistine Chapel. All very well designed and hand finished. I was amazed! I invited him to attend NNL East and display, but he didn’t come. It would have been an eye opener for some of our herd!

That my friends is the future of our hobby!

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