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I left out the 303 to avoid further confusion.Pontiac mostly used cast steel connecting rods outside the SD range.
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I couldn't comprehend putting together a 4 with Armasteel rods. I used to joke that they were "Armasteel rods" because when you pulled the pin, things blew up. A couple of guys I went to high school with learned that turning a 389 or 400 Pontiac up to 6500 rpm was NOT a good idea. Ok, it took '66 GTO guy a couple of missed shifts to learn that lesson.

I've been thinking too that part of the confusion about the '72 Vega may have something to do with the fact that Jenkins may well have invented the back-halved car. It was a tube-framed car, right up to the front crossmember. The '74 car was ALL tube-framed and without a factory chassis pan to build off. Jenkins most likely would no have argued either. Unless you were a tech inspector, you could say whatever you wanted about what Bill was running. He would gladly let you go broke spending money on parts he didn't use.

Does anyone know if it was Toy IX or Toy X that was stolen outside St. Louis? I was three, so I have no specific recollection of that. I know it happened and I WAS in St. Louis at the time, but all of my tools were Fisher-Price back then.

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